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believe in nightmares. believe in reality.


I especially love when it’s people who aren’t bi or even pan telling bi people about the ‘privileges’ they have! like haha yes feel free to keep telling people how lucky they are despite the fact that the rest of the lgbt community refuses to fucking educate themselves on the differences between bisexuality/pansexuality and polyamory and shuns people who aren’t monosexual! bless!


the saddest, most pathetic part about emotional abuse is when you catch yourself wishing it was physical abuse. because maybe then people would actually believe you when you say that it’s happening to you.

Fat people have sex. Sweet, tender, luscious sex. Sweaty, feral, sheet-ripping sex. Shivery, jiggly, gasping sex. Sentimental, slow, face-cradling sex. Even as you read these words, there are fat people out there somewhere joyously getting their freak on. Not only that, but fat people are falling in love, having hook ups, being crushed-out, putting on sexy lingerie, being the objects of other people’s lust, flirting, primping before hot dates, melting a little as they read romantic notes from their sweeties, seducing and being seduced, and having shuddering, toe-curling orgasms that are as big as they are.
-Hanne Blank, “Big Big Love” (via gamefacesmart)